About NostaLab


Guiding Change in an Exponential World

At NOSTALAB, we are committed to bringing you at the forefront of revolutionizing health care technology. John Nosta, our company’s founder, focuses on guiding companies, NGOs, and government agencies toward success through the dynamics of exponential change and diffusion of innovation into complex systems.

Meet Our Founder

Entrenched in the world of science, medicine, and technology, John Nosta is currently ranked among the leading global influencers in medical innovation and well-established as one of the top strategic and creative thinkers worldwide. As a contrarian with a sharp focus on the future and leading voice in the convergence of technology and medicine, he helps define, dissect, and deliberate global trends in digital health.


Promoting Digital Transformation

As a member of the Google Health Advisory Board and the WHO Panel of Technology Experts, John actively participates in improving health care technology. He is also a frequent and popular contributor to Fortune, Forbes, Psychology Today, and Bloomberg. Additionally, he has also been published in a variety of prestigious peer-reviewed journals, including The American Journal of Psychology, Circulation, and The American Journal of Hematology.

The Hypothesis

There is no more pressing issue in today’s world than health. The solutions have largely been the same for as long as most can remember, with the stethoscope, an iconic symbol of medicine and the physical exam, as a perfect example. In fact, little has changed in this technology from the times of inventor René Leannec in 1817 yet it still hangs over the shoulders of clinicians like a prayer shawl or badge of clinical validation.

This is changing, changing rapidly. And these advances in technology are functionally and emotionally disruptive. Yet these impacts are profoundly transformative. Perhaps nothing is more disruptive than this startling reality: technology can actually make us more human!

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We recognize technological advancements and how these will empower a new social contract. From vast data sets to an individual voice, technology will help to establish a new reality driven less by the domination of today’s hierarchical and oppressive systems and more by the emergence of a data-based, human-centric brilliance.