Technology Quotient

The Imperative of Digital Transformation

  • Technical: The “nuts and bolts” of technology that include hardware and coding as well as applications to direct neural interfaces.
  • Applied: The functional aspects of technology from programing to data and data analytics, including artificial intelligence.
  • Psychosocial:
    The affinity to adopt and to engage in technology and technology platforms.

How the Technology Quotient (TQ) is building a path forward

Across households and boardrooms, our “technology quotient” or TQ is now standing shoulder to shoulder with the conventional metrics of IQ and EQ as a tool to drive digital transformation. While we consider IQ and EQ to be fundamentally critical to our success, we can expand the equation. IQ + EQ + TQ presents a new dynamic that allows us to thrive in today’s (and tomorrow’s) world.

Disruptive innovations and the subsequent diffusion into complex systems is critical to business success. Today, transformative ideas can be stifled by an inability to adopt and transform. These transformational dynamics can play a key role in the “business of innovation” where adoption is directly linked core success metrics such as market capitalization and stock price. Today, the disconnect between valid and practical innovations and mainstream adoption can place businesses in precarious positions. And there lies TQ, from employee to consumer, the technology quotient can have a role in measurement and tracking of one’s ability to assimilate technology into life.