How we can help

What is NostaLab?

NOSTALAB is a think tank with a contrarian focus. We offer the very best and brightest thinkers to analyze, establish and build markets. We like to make the competition cry foul.
  • Strategic consulting
  • Brand positioning
  • Developmental and ideation workshops
  • Creative development
  • Social media
  • Synergy and cognitive connections

Crafting Strategic Inflection Points

The life of a brand is a bit like evolution—external environmental changes combine with internal advancements and modifications. However, changes are largely unpredictable and define by punctuated equilibrium. In other words, pivotal changes happen at key points in time and not at a linear, fixed rate. The trick is finding those points in a lifecycle when insights and engagement can drive exponential growth. At NOSTALAB, we specialize in the type of thinking that punctuates the marketplace with exclamation marks!